Roadmap to Web Accessibility in Higher Education

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White Paper: Roadmap to Web Accessibility in Higher Education

Web accessibility is one of the most critical issues facing higher education. New web technologies have been a boon for distance and online education, yet 11% of undergraduates have a disability that impairs access to websites and online content. When creating an accessible infrastructure, many questions abound:

  • How can universities align departments to make accessibility a priority?
  • What are the applicable laws?
  • Where will the budget come from?

Many of the questions within this white paper can be personalized based on your specific requirements and needs. Everyone's criteria are different, and finding a vendor that will make the captioning process work for you is key. Hopefully these questions will help you discover what is most important to you, what you can't live without, and what qualities will sell you on a vendor.

“What an excellent paper! Thank you so much for writing this important roadmap so comprehensively and thoughtfully, with tangible examples and key takeaway messages. Your paper is so in line with the focus and message that I and my team have been trying to get across that I’m planning to share it rather widely."

- Mary J. Zeigler, Manager of Accessibility & Usability, MIT


Roadmap to Web Accessibility in Higher Education

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