Solving Web Accessibility: Leaving No One Behind

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Solving Web Accessibility: Leaving No One Behind

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White Paper - Solving Web Accessibility: Leaving No One Behind

Solving Web Accessibility White PaperWorldwide, more than one billion people have a disability. Disability affects one in three families in North America, and if it doesn't affect yours, it is almost a certainty that it affects someone close to you. What is important to note when looking at these statistics is that, while these numbers already make up a significant percentage of the national and global population, the proportion of people living with a disability is growing.

With miraculous medical and technological advancement comes a critical need to improve accessibility measures to accommodate the growing population of individuals with disabilities. This white paper is intended for administrators and developers of website content, media producers, accessibility coordinators, as well as instructional designers and technologists. This paper will provide you with a deeper understanding of web accessibility and will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of making your web content accessible
  • Types of disabilities and online challenges
  • Assistive technologies for different types of disabilities
  • What is necessary in creating an accessible digital experience
  • The legal landscape of accessibility
  • Tips for improving your web accessibility
  • Conforming with WCAG 2.0, ADA, and AODA
  • Resources for accessibility compliance


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David BermanDavid Berman
David Berman Communications
David Berman has over 30 years of experience in inclusive design: he strongly believes we can include everyone, without tradeoffs. As author (Do Good Design [Pearson, 2013]), expert speaker, and strategist, his work has brought him to over 50 countries. David is an Invited Expert to W3C and a high-level advisor to the United Nations on accessible Web design thinking. He’s also an International Advisor at G3ICT, advising governments on inclusive design policy, and chair of the Carleton Access Network at Carleton University. He serves on the ISO committee for accessible PDF. Clients include BMO, IBM, the International Space Station, and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

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