Transforming Video SEO with Transcripts & Captions

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eBook: Transforming Video SEO with Transcripts & Captions

SEO White PaperIn a single day, Americans watch over 1.2 billion videos online. By 2019, video will make up 80% of all consumer web traffic. Given these trends, it is no surprise that online video has become an instrumental part of almost every marketing strategy. However, many marketers have yet to harness many of the SEO benefits that come naturally with video.

This 43-page eBook provides an in-depth guide to implementing a video SEO strategy with the help of transcripts and captions. Complete with case studies, an ROI analysis, and numerous tips, this eBook clearly lays out what you need to know about video SEO and gives you proven tactics to increase video traffic, user engagement, and search rank.

Topics include:

  • Video SEO fundamentals
  • Case studies and an ROI analysis of transcripts and captions
  • Methods for publishing video transcripts
  • Strategies for maximizing YouTube views
  • How to reach a global audience through translation and subtitles
  • Tactics for creating derivative marketing content
  • Techniques for increasing traffic to videos behind a paywall

Transforming Video SEO with Transcripts & Captions

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